Ten Sustainable Habits to Adopt in 2019

I think we all know how important sustainability is. (If you don’t, please feel free to investigate yourself via Youtube and Google.) Therefore, I’ve compiled this list to maybe give some of y’all a place to start if you’re intimidated by becoming a better, more Earth-loving person.

I also want to note that anytime I mention replacing things (for example, the silicon bags) I don’t mean you have to go off and spend a million dollars to be a nicer person to the planet. Use what you already have, and when it’s time to replenish some of these one-use options, try to incorporate better alternatives like I mention here. In the long run, basically all of these will save you a ton of money so, why not?!

  1. Keep a canvas bag on you ALWAYS- You never know when you’re going to need to pick something up super quick!
  2. Replace all single-use plastic sandwich and freezer bags with silicone bags for easy and convenient reuse. 
  3. Replace plastic/cling wrap with reusable beeswax wrap. There are a ton of these on Amazon, btw. 
  4. Bring a reusable water bottle with you for convenient refills. Bringing one along also discourages you from wasting excess money on the garbage plastic ones while you’re out.
  5. Avoid fast fashion retailers (H&M, Forever 21, Zara, etc.) OKAY I’M ABOUT TO START A TANGENT BUT IT’S IMPORTANT SO LISTEN UP. Companies that are creating looks rapidly and at massive quantities end up creating a tremendous amount of waste on their own (and usually, the ethics of these companies are typically not on point). Not to mention, the quality lacks and therefore you’re left with things you can only get a few wears out of. Start adopting a “cost per wear” mentality when shopping. A dress at Forever 21 may only cost you $30, but you may only get one or two wears out of it since the quality is so poor. You can compare this to investing in a $100 dress that you can get at least 50 wears out of. The cost of the Forever 21 dress is now $15-$30 per wear, as opposed to $2 per wear for the one with the higher initial price tag but better quality. Look at clothing as investments in your personal style rather than one and done looks. OKAY, tangent over please carry on. 🙂
  6. Try thrifting instead of buying new every time you feel like shopping. (However, if you insist on getting something new, make sure your shopping at retailers where it’s worth it.) Thrifting is an awesome way of bringing new life to clothing someone else may not want or need, which promotes sustainability and is anti-waste. (It is also really fun to come across the more unique and fun pieces you run into when you thrift.)
  7. Try out composting, because why not? It’s a learning experience, but one that’s definitely worth giving a try. There are a ton of informational Youtube videos on the subject, and I’ve attached a link here that could be potentially helpful in your composting educational journey. Many towns also have environmental committees with informational guides on local composting (which can be especially helpful if you’re living in an urban area.)
  8.  Go Paperless. When it comes to bills and banking statements, it’s easier to just keep things digital anyway. Bills are always tossed in the trash anyway, (and if you’re afraid of missing out on the satisfaction of tossing a large financial responsibility into the trash, emptying out your computer’s trash bin can be just as fun)
  9. Eat less meat. There are a million reasons why that you can read here!
  10. Carpool when you can. Road trips with your pals are more fun, and takes a couple of cars off the road. Fewer cars = less pollution.

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